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Product Owner

  • Bromley, England, United Kingdom
Software & QA

Job description

Role Overview
As Product Owner, you will be working within a Scrum Team to represent the product vision and customer interests and ensure the products meet the business requirements and expectations.

You will have an agile mind-set, business-focused orientation, effective communication skills and be responsible for defining market requirements, prioritising features within sprints and guiding the team in producing great products for customers.

Work closely with the Head of product to build a roadmap for the future features to be delivered. Product Owner will be responsible and accountable for a Product Area and will form ideas and build a roadmap for the future features to be enabled in that area.

Job requirements

Key Responsibilities

  • Manage and develop product backlog, as well as user stories backlog for implementation
  • Connect with customers and end users to gather information on expected product features and the transform these into features and stories to add onto your backlog
  • Monitor the progress of product development, as well as plan for product release
  • Conduct backlog refining meetings with internal and external stakeholders
  • Attend sprint planning and review meetings to give feedback on sprint achievement, as well as to scrum team
  • Deliver new features by serving as a voice to project the expectations of customers on new or already existing products
  • Highlight and specify the product features in a manner clearly understandable to the development team
  • Proactively review and introduce required statutory changes and processes into development plans in timely manner based on the academic calendar and key important dates
  • Analyse customer opinions and feedback to determine features or components that will add substantial value to a product
  • Constantly exchange ideas with internal and external stakeholders
  • Assess product value stream to identify areas that require improvements
  • Take personal ownership of relevant KPIs and ensure that all developments are aligned to drive performance and have clear metrics, tracking mechanisms and targets. Highlight under-performance of metrics and develop plans in the roadmap and backlog in conjunction with the head to address these.
  • Develop and implement action plans for building and sustaining demand for a product
  • Ensure implemented product features add value to end users and increase company returns
  • Facilitate feedback sessions (via webinars or face-to-face meetings) with internal and external stakeholders after each sprint and release and report this feedback to agile management team and development team via feedback reports
  • Provide reports to update management and stakeholders on product development operations

Skills Required

  • Leadership Skill: Able to direct and motivate the product development team of an organization
  • Analytical Skill: Able to conduct surveys to determine most appropriate feature to add to a new or existing product
  • Interpersonal Skill: Adapt to working with user groups and scrum team to obtain and analyse user stories.
  • A deep understanding of agile/lean principles, with a willingness to adapt and learn
  • Ability to negotiate and compromise to deliver quality within timescales
  • Excellent decision-making skills
  • Must be business savvy and be able to understand the market, customer, and the business to make sound decisions
  • Engage effectively with stakeholders by having excellent communication skills
  • Commitment to build the best product
  • Preferred experience working in a cross-functional, cross-cultural environment.

Bromcom is an equal opportunities employer


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