Marketing and CRM Coordinator

Job description

Role Purpose:

Bromcom provides a Management Information System to the education market. The Bromcom MIS is a well-developed solution and is the best cloud-based solution in the market. The company is poised for significant growth from new business and by taking market share from other suppliers in the market.

Marketing is a key area to enable the growth of Bromcom business. It is critical that the agreed messages are pushed out to the market place using the channels that are accessed by our prospective and existing customers. The key aims of the marketing strategy are:

  • To create demand for the Bromcom MIS by presenting a compelling reason for schools, MATS and other organisations to test the market through tenders and other discussions
  • To push key messages to the market place using traditional and new channels
  • To coordinate key events within the Bromcom sales and marketing cycle that are critical to spreading the selected messages to targeted audiences
  • To oversee and grow the use of digital channels, especially social media, to share and spread our messages
  • To have oversight of all our marketing materials to ensure quality and consistency of message
  • To liaise with all Bromcom teams to remain fully informed about the solution we deliver to our customers

As part of the CRM Coordinator you will be responsible for managing the CRM process and engaging with Customers to develop relationships to secure them as reference sites. The role will involve building deep and long-lasting relationships with key customers and using these relationships to promote Bromcom with the eventual aim of creating additional opportunities for Bromcom to engage with new prospects.

Job requirements

Marketing responsibilities:

  • Proactively work with the Head of Sales and Marketing to build and execute upon an agreed marketing plan. This includes the creation and maintenance of an annual marketing plan.
  • Liaise with key agencies and suppliers to ensure that all marketing materials are produced to the agreed timeframes and budgets and to ensure that all materials are of an agreed quality and are fit for their intended use.
  • Support the organisation and running of key events. It is expected that you will support these events and occasionally work outside of normal office hours.
  • Liaise with the sales team to provide materials to support demonstrations and other interactions with prospective customers.
  • Create and then report on clear ROI measures to enable the effectiveness of marketing campaigns to be measured.

CRM Responsibilities

This role is critical in developing the Bromcom Customer Relations programme. The role will involve interacting with Bromcom’s high performing customers and will be responsible for building critical relationships. Therefore the key tasks will be:

1. To carry out an agreed number of CRM calls using an agreed script from a list supplied based on:
     a. Customer end of deployment

     b. Annual CRMs based on renewal dates

     c. Requests to confirm Customer Services Ratings

    d. Specific sites as highlighted by internal Bromcom departments

Pulling out positive comments from the CRMS that can be used for marketing and highlighting any areas where additional support is needed.

2. Play an integral part in accelerating our Customer Relations programme to become ‘best of breed’, proactively working through an agreed programme of documentation and contacts with key Bromcom customers

3. Support various sales campaigns by calling Bromcom sites

4. Develop relationships with sites and develop a good understanding of their strengths for use in marketing and to facilitate a better understanding of how they can contribute to the Reference Programme.

5. Use commercial acumen to support the Customer Relations team to focus on building the best reference site programme possible.

6. Be able to analyse the impact of the CRM and reference site programme and make suggestions on how the programme can be improved.

7. Use Microsoft Office 365 to share and develop documents with colleagues.

8. Work autonomously following guidance from line managers and ensure that any issues are shared and resolved quickly.

9. Make telephone calls to customers and log the outcomes of those calls on the internal CRM system.

Salary Range: £22k - £28k

Bromcom is an Equal Opportunities Employer