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Development Manager

United Kingdom, England, BromleySoftware & QA

Job description

As Developments Manager, you’ll ensure common development techniques, methodologies and practices are implemented and followed, as we design, develop and roll out support systems for new and current IT systems. Playing an active role in the development team, you’ll be hands on with coding and development activities and will liaise with users and external partners to understand requirements and frame solutions which are appropriate in terms of function, cost, timescale and benefits.

Job requirements

Development Manager Role Responsibilities

  • Responsible to review scrum assignments to development resources and make sure development leads following the scrum processes with the other developers in their teams
  • Carry out code reviews, pull requests, impact analysis and technical leadership in sprint refinements and planning sessions. Our technology stack is predominantly based on Microsoft .NET (.NET framework and Core) using C#, EF and SQL Server.
  • Ensure the defined priorities as set by the Head of Department are in place and staff are not diverted against the priorities
  • Work on development requirements and analyse as per scrum refinements
  • Be aware of what’s going on in the scrum teams and ensure the sprints runs smoothly in a planned manner
  • Assist scrum master and lead developers in the management of their teams including providing estimations, prioritisation, assessing requirements, and regular progress feedback through daily discussions
  • Provides technical leadership to leads including mentoring, regular 1-2-1’s, and training
  • Liaise with Product Owners and Business Analysts for requirements understanding
  • Manage and oversee tasks assigned to developers in scrum teams
  • Review and identify the technical debts and make sure technical debts are scheduled in sprints periodically
  • Oversee and manage the Partner Support Programme
  • In the absence of the Department Head, cover the responsibilities and attend to the meetings required


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